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Volunteer at ARK

Volunteer at Doris-ARK Animal Shelter, Kefalonia

The ARK Animal Shelter is home to over 300 dogs and 40 cats at any one time. With only two workers running the shelter on a daily basis, the need for volunteers to help us with the day to day care of the animals is vital.

Volunteers can assist in the many varied tasks including feeding, cleaning, grooming, socialising and giving lots of love and attention to the animals.

The aim of ARK is to find loving forever homes for all of our stray and abandoned animals, and it is important that the animals feel comfortable with human contact before this can happen, therefore a crucial role of our volunteers is showing the animals love and human kindness.

We welcome volunteers both local and International, whether you can offer an hour a week, or a month long stay, all help is welcome and gratefully received at ARK. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for ARK, please contact us by email - doris.ark@hotmail.com.


If you live locally and can spare a little time for the animals at ARK, there are a number of tasks you could help us with (especially during the winter months), including feeding, cleaning, grooming, and spending time with the dogs and cats in their enclosures. The animals are very friendly, and love nothing more than a visit from a new friend. We are also keen for volunteers who may be able to help on the maintenance side to assist with grounds work, fencing structure and repairs, etc.

Please do come and visit us to see how you may be able to help us.

International Volunteers
How would you like to spend some time volunteering at our animal shelter, here on the beautiful Island of Kefalonia? We have over 300 wonderful animals that love being around people, playing, having fun, and getting lots of love and attention! We are looking for serious, enthusiastic, independent and hard working volunteers who have a great love for animals, and are prepared to dedicate their time helping us to care for the needy animals of our island. We can help you to arrange reasonably priced accommodation close to the shelter in the centre of Argostoli, located in the heart of the town within easy walking distance to shops, restaurants, and our beautiful harbour. We can also help you to arrange bicycle hire to easily get to and from the shelter (walking is also an option). Kefalonia is a truly beautiful island, and we encourage our volunteers to also take a few days visiting the sights of the island during their visit. If you are interested in volunteering with the animals of ARK, and seeing our beautiful island, please contact us by email - doris.ark@hotmail.com. The animals of ARK thank you, and look forward to seeing you soon.